When Is It Time to Chase Your Passion?

Why do we neglect to leave room for leisurely activities? Why do we lose interest for our passion?

After recently evaluating my own life, I realized that i’m simply too tired to complete tasks I would find soothing. For a young individual who used to have a lust for life this has started to concern me. What about my life has changed and why have I lost passion for life?

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I decided to ask some acquaintances how they felt about this problem and found that they felt similarly to how I did. Some said that they had a lack of motivation or that after a long day at an undesirable job they had little to no energy. Others said that they were unhappy that they weren’t achieving their goals and felt their life was unorganized.

How do we get more organized in our own lives if we can’t find the motivation to achieve our goals? Here are some thoughts and advice from yours truly. Disclaimer: This is based off of my personal experience, but if any readers feel this way, too, know you’re not alone!

Passion Can Falter–When it Does, Make a Change

Perhaps life changes are necessary to start achieving goals, but I find many individuals are heavily reliant on their low-income job, thus making them unable to save money for that vacation they want to take or project they want to start working on.

I know that I’m not the only one guilty of holding onto things that I don’t need. I hold onto security and often times I find myself questioningdo I need this person? Is this what I feel like I should be doing vs. is this what I want to do? Should I just plant my roots and work to have everything my parents did? Usually for me the answer is “no”. 

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Exploring realistic options is a great way to start moving toward goals. Personally, I sometimes find it difficult to keep an open mind when looking into things. Moreover, this is something that has helped me sort out my personal issues.

Look for other jobs in your area that are more suitable or consider relocating to a new area? Sometimes a fresh start or returning to a place you once enjoyed is the self care we need. Someone I spoke to said that they need a push to get them going. To that I say, the push you might need is the looming despair and fears you wish to move away from. The push is the feeling of accomplishing the passion you thought you would.

For some other people the push they need is an unfortunate event such as family troubles, but should you wait for it to get to that point?

We are moving away from the stigma that talking to a mental health care professional is for “crazy” people. Talking to someone who can help you with your problems might be the self care you need. It may also help you create a game plan for what you will do next. Realistically, not everyone feels comfortable doing that, or maybe it’s not financially viable for some–but everyone can take something away from talking to others.

We all know how easy it is to get worked up and become lost in the mess of our everyday lives. Sometimes the best thing is to take your time to ensure you are the best you.

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Grief is often a silent motivation killer and can be the reason for your lack of energy. Your lack of passion could be due to the loss of a loved one, a lack of support in your daily life, having an existential crisis, etc.

However, I feel like people lose interest in their favorite activities because they outgrow them. Our schedules become busier and there is not enough time in the day to put time into hobbies. Perhaps that is too cynical, but we all have bills to pay and places to be.

We think we have little time for the things we used to enjoy. However, even on our best days there are others like me who go home after a long day and binge watch television. We could be enjoying an evening bike ride, gardening, drawing, spending time with friendsinstead we are finding an excuse to avoid the passion we set out to reclaim. 

Furthermore, another possible culprit here is procrastination. Marking off all the boxes on our “To-Do” list everyday is a difficult task, but there is still room to move the boxes around. Make sure you are truly passionate about what you want to do.

For those looking to explore new hobbies, this video by Alexandra Potara might help you.

I’ve browsed a few websites and there are tips here and there about how to take care of yourself. Not everything on these lists is helpful to everyone, but I’ll list a few sites that might be able to help you feel better and get motivated. However, these tips are not meant to replace professional help for any serious conditions, and I encourage anyone struggling with their mental health to look for a qualified professional.


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