How To Advertise Your Business To Generation Z

Generation Z is now entering the workforce, which means they aren’t borrowing 10 bucks from mom and dad anymore –The oldest members are now of the age where they have their own money to spend. They are much different than former generations in that advertisement tools that worked with past generations might not work with Gen Z.

Studies show that Generation Z is more interested in buying an experience than buying material objects. Advertisement campaigns have targeted Millennials via social media platforms by asking them to respond to something “using three emoji or less”, Gen Z is a harder audience to capture.

According to Luth Research, Gen Z has been identified as “frugal” buyers. They aren’t leisurely buying furniture or six cases of beer every weekend. This is why we should ask ourselves, “How do we market anything to these kids?”

Create Online Merchandise

Creating an online store with unique merch will help your business immensely. A Bigcommerce infographic study shows that 96 percent of Americans shop online! Online shopping has become a popular trend for younger individuals due to its stress-free environment that’s achievable without ever having to leave home.

Find some way to make your product exclusive to you. The more aesthetically pleasing your product, the better your success will be. Gen Z-ers are much more likely to stop and look at it if it’s something never before seen.

Make it clear why they should be interested in your business. Why should they buy your product? How is your product going to better the lives of a Gen Z customer? A savvy businessman should be asking these questions.

Don’t Offer Them A Loyalty Program

In a study comparing Gen Z and Millennials, it’s revealed that Gen Z is less interested in rewards programs. Put extra effort into your product and if it’s interesting, they will come back for more. In addition, sending email updates won’t help your business and the advertisement emails you spend time creating will most likely be marked as spam.

Rewards programs and promotions make you seem pushy, and pushing your product might not be the most efficient way to target Gen Z. If you feel like you have to advertise, try to do it in a way which caters to their needs. A McKinsey study shows that loyalty programs are trending in the business world, but there is not a drastic success rate in their revenue. Is it really worth it at all?

If you still decide to create a loyalty club be careful, it can look “scam-y”. Save you and your customer the time of dealing with programs; start to accommodate younger individuals.

Ask your workers what they think –as a result, they will probably take the time to think of something. Don’t have Gen Z workers? Create focus groups or create polls on social media. Better yet, hire some! 

Employ Younger Workers

Giving Gen Z the experience they crave isn’t just about making your product look cute. Creating an environment where they feel comfortable is important, and the easiest way to do that is to make them feel they are talking to someone who shares the same experiences– someone close to their age that they can connect with.

This is all about creating a cool and unique atmosphere. This isn’t to say that if you employ older adults you’re going to make your Gen Z customers uncomfortable, but atmosphere is important especially if your business is exclusively offline. Take into consideration what type of environment you are creating while taking younger workers into consideration.

Staying connected is important, generation Z wants to feel apart of a community. Being born into the age of social media has prepared them for this. These people are trying to break into the career field, something difficult for younger individuals to do in 2018.

Generation Z describe themselves as “hardworking” and “determined”, this evidence shows that they are dedicated to creating something amazing. They aren’t afraid to take risks and put themselves out there. Employing younger people will improve your business in the long run, so help them out!

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