Site Update, Dec. 14, 2017

A new year, a new UnInkable.

Though it has been a little longer since our last update, I promise the time hasn’t been wasted—since then, we’ve redone our site design, and, I am happy to announce, have added a new member to our staff!

I’d like to formally welcome Vikki Blade to UnInkable as our new creative director—she’ll be keeping an eye out on all things related to design, adding her own unique brand of style to the site going forward. Vikki will also contribute as a writer, starting this week with movie reviews and a new column, In Media Res, where she’ll tackle bigger topics and ideas in movies, film, and TV.

But Vikki isn’t the only one with new content ideas—I’ll also be writing a weekly analysis of major news every Friday, and a new column of my own, 5th Estate, where I’ll talk about deeper issues running counter to mainstream news (think protests, digging into government overreach and abuse, and keeping an eye on major corporations and their activities).

Starting in the next few weeks, we’ll also be looking for submissions from outside our staff, which we’re calling UnInkables — articles on a variety of topics, by our readers. We’ll have more info on this soon.

So, to recap, our new update schedule should look something like this:

Monday: Site News, updates on UnInkable and what we’re doing

Tuesday: 5th Estate, Maxine Durand

Wednesday: Movie Reviews

Thursday: In Media Res, Vikki Blade

Friday: News and Analysis

Saturday: UnInkables and Bonus content as we have it

You may also notice we have a new tagline, “The Thin Red Line.”

No, we’re not talking about the movie.

We want UnInkable to be a lot of things – entertaining, for one, and a community, of course. But we also want it to be a place where fresh ideas can propagate, where we can take a stand on issues and, in as many ways as possible, to be a ledge to jump from, to explore society and culture from new perspectives. We want to be experimental, to question, to find new ways of doing things… to be, as the kids say, “hip”.

We are the edge before the void. We also really like the color red. We are the Thin Red Line.

Obviously, we still have a long way to go before UnInkable is the media powerhouse we want it to be—it’s going to take a lot of work, a lot more staff, and most urgently, resources. We know the holidays are a difficult time for some financially, and that many of our readers may not be able to contribute, but we would greatly appreciate even the smallest donations at our Patreon page. Even a dollar makes a difference!

Thanks to all our readers so far. We look forward to breaking out our new spread, and can’t wait to roll out into 2018!

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